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The m15x moves with points ahead to the top of the multimedia class once more. However, when compared to a budget desktop gaming system, it did not fair all that well and for the most part it was slightly slower. Compare These Lenovo Yoga Although mobility isn’t so important for a gaming notebook like the Alienware m15x , it is actually capable of mobile use away from the power plug as long as only undemanding applications are used. The gtx is simply amazing. Rather than cover the frame with over-the-top paint jobs or fancy graphic splashes, Alienware has given the m15x a simple sophistication. Overall, it has very strong performance and is highly customizable in terms of its looks thanks to option chassis color choices and LED lighting that can vary between different colors.

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Alienware Area m15x – External Reviews

Both the Gateway PXL FX and the Dell M configurations I reviewed had previous-generation Intel Extreme processors, although alienware area-51 m15x doesn’t take anything away from their impressive performance prowess.

By pressing the Fn and F7 keys, the system switches between the GeForce M GTX and the integrated graphics, thus saving energy alienware area-51 m15x reducing heat when working on things aeea-51 don’t require high-end graphics power.

Price comparison Reviews on Alienware Laptops at Ciao. We look forward to a direct competitor to the m15x, but it will play in a separate class until then. Unlike Dell’s XPS M, the lights won’t strobe or flash, but the backlit keyboard is especially cool, and it’s good for accurate typing in low-light situations.

Its viewing angles are very wide and reflections are minimal, but the screen can be too dark at times. Even though the resistance while adjusting the display is acceptable, the noise it creates and the wobbling of the display after it is put into the desired position is clearly not. The dim Alienware area-51 m15x display offers enough viewing angle stability in vertical and horizontal direction for a sufficiently large working area.


Of course this doesen’t help in high performance mode under load: This notebook is absolutely alienware area-51 m15x best looking and performing notebook ever conceived by man. A first glimpse at the impressive performance gives the 3D Mark benchmark tests. Best mobile nVidia graphics to date. An increase of the resolution to x pixel reduced the frame rates slightly to fps.

As if alienware area-51 m15x not enough, this LED extravaganza is topped off with a cool illuminated keyboard. This result makes the hard disk one of the best of it’s class. When it comes to a gaming laptop, I feel design is as important as being top dog alienare terms of performance.

Alienware area-51 m15x can tweak the illumination of the Area m15x with the Alien M15c Lightning software in the command center. Apart from all the pushing to achieve maximum performance, the m15x also has a very interesting feature: This result is not very surprising, and a comparison with various all-round multimedia notebooks seems almost pointless.

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The dim display surface and the high brightness of the display allow outdoor usage with proper image quality. I aloenware decided to get my name.

For all this, it easily earns our Editors’ Choice. The game was playable, but had frequent frame drops. To combat this, Alienware has introduced binary graphics.

Even though this makes a system restart necessary, it gives all the benefits of an integrated graphics card, like alienware area-51 m15x lower temperatures, and thus quieter fans, as well as much lower energy consumption. Compare These Lenovo Yoga It also delivered high marks on both Crysis and World in Conflict game demos.


Review Alienware Area-51 m15x Gaming Notebook

During testing in PC Magazine Alienware area-51 m15xthe m15x really flexed its muscles. Brand Post The Science Behind Healthy Cooking In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons alienware area-51 m15x too tempting to resist. Actually, the Alienware m15x could also be used professionally for graphics and calculation intensive applications, but it’s main strength will always be games.

It’s great for watching Blu-ray movies via the optional Blu-ray optical drive, as well as for cranking games up to the highest resolution possible.

The Bad Still not as slick looking as it should be; alienware area-51 m15xclunky chassis; touch pad hard to use. Rubberplugs or plastic dummies are thus unnecessary. Instead, the m15x goes with a Alienware announced a compact high performance notebook a long time ago. The keyboard was also robust, even punctual pressure didn’t cause much deformation of the keyboard unit, which is especially handy when playing fast games that often lead to strong pressure on single keys in the heat of the moment.