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Seems odd that there using the a integrated and calling it that instead of something like But then they make no mention of that higher-end board. The AMD Chipset enables an exceptionally power-efficient platform at an incredible value. Games wise, a simple game or two could be played fairly okay in lower resolutions. A set of advanced hardware and software technologies that enable AMD graphics processors GPU , working in concert with the system’s central processor CPU , to accelerate many applications beyond just graphics. It sure does, but there’s talk that it would be extended to all ATI accelerators, though you could trust AMD at this point in time, not the rumors.

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So there’s no real crossfire support to be found here, unless you sincerely limit bandwidth. Thanks for the feedback. This enables superior balanced platforms capable of running demanding computing tasks fast. Check with your PC manufacturer for amd 880g chipset model capabilities and supported technologies.

Most of the G boards we’ve seen details of so far have also had USB 3 too, which isn’t amd 880g chipset either. It’s essentially the same as the HD from last year. AMD G integrated graphics chipset. We test Asus’ smallest board capable of carrying a 6-core CPU.


The ‘benefits’ are built in. Double the bandwidth over earlier PCI Express for improved performance. Interesting to know your Phenom X2 sample wouldn’t unlock.

8-Series Chipset

The Turbo Unlocker is tough to measure accurately, as it is dynamic and doesn’t always respond the same way every time. Unified Video Decoder 2. AMD graphics amd 880g chipset management technology enables the graphics processor to respond to demand and power down when not needed.

AMD chipset series. My X2 chip wouldn’t unlock unfortunately, so I can’t offer performance comparisons for the Core Unlocker.

But install one and it can utilize x16 PCIe lanes, install two and it will split into a X16 and a chipsey. The ultimate in scalable graphics performance with a widely amd 880g chipset infrastructure and dedicated memories with improved memory performance.

Additional hardware or software may be required. I’ll wait for it though because I don’t really want to jump on until then.

I don’t have an architecture diagram for the G, but the one above, for the GX is pretty close, amd 880g chipset I’ll discuss the differences throughout the article. Chipsef, enough about the specifics of the chipset. Doesn’t look like there’s many changes in terms amd 880g chipset performance.


High Quality Video Scaling. Customize for extra performance or enhanced reliability. Not all features will be supported on all machines.

AMD 880G chipset details surface

AMD sockets and chipsets. Watch standard DVD movies in near high-definition quality. The G is essentially limited to supporting a single video card, just like the G Northbridge amd 880g chipset it replaces. Agreed — BernardP AMD does not provide any SB8x0 errata publicly.

The AMD G chipset

Huge bandwidth can translate into fewer amr and higher performance. But then below it seems they show the high-end chipset and shows the HD cards built in. Written by Amd 880g chipset Swinburne. Offers incredible transcoding speed superior to the CPU alone.