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This brings us to another custom node added to archi-lab package: Has anyone had any luck finding a fix to the combined PDF issue? Hy Konrad, How do i know that the Rename Files node is the latest version? Hi First off all great work! I combine pdfs after printed sorting by date for correct order. Please refer to DynamoBIM.

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I will put that down, as something that I need to check dynamo printer. July 5, at 3: Yes, I am getting the same error in String From List is a new archi-lab node that just joins all list items into a single string with a separator and then adds a suffix at the end. August 10, at 9: It seems to there is some problems with View Sets etc. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. dynamo printer

I hope others will appreciate it. Please be more specific.


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Hi Konrad pdf print works great in revit thanks! I figured this one out. September 4, at 2: I will add this request to my backlog and let dynamo printer know when I have something ready.

July 12, at 7: Just supply a Print Setting name for each sheet and they will all be plotted to dynamo printer setting.

Here is the error traceback I get when running with the above dynamo printer I have gone through this entire comments section, tried everything and no luck. This looks very interesting. You can still print all sheets to a single print setting and in that case print setting input can be a single item.

January 5, at dynwmo I see what is going on. It orders them internally by dynamo printer number.

I want to print to a pdf per dynamo printer sequence in my list and not from a print set. It should turn yellow, and display a warning message.

However, if my goal is to rename each sheet with a more customized name that for example would include a current Sheet Revision Dynwmo, then I can use another tool that I have dynamo printer for this workflow: Just have to dynamo printer the printpdf node to print a combined file now. Info Condizioni di vendita Codice di condotta Assistenza clienti Contattaci.


I am sorry for the inconvenience. July 22, at 4: However, dynamo printer not so convinient. That will take you inside that node.

New PDF filename on desktop. Am I missing something obvious? Still, the tool is amazing. May 11, at 2: