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So… I spent some time really making sure the alignment aid was square to the target. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? John Grayson 8 years ago. I try to keep my life simple when making decisions Yes or No. On average, no one was 10 yards longer than their previous longest driver tested thus far.

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I believe the Golf tests here and in Golfing Magazine have kicked the tires with real people and I believe powerbilt airforce one club passes my interest test.

I bought the Air Foil Tour driver, 9.

Foz 7 years powerbilh. I must assume that they are not willing to put their neck on powerbilt airforce one line because of all those avaricious American lawyers or whatever you call them over there? When I put an accurate swing on the ball it goes to the target, no matter what club I use.


Although I have been more consistent and longer than ever, my greed has taken over. So powerbilt airforce one just may be something to the whole Notrogen thing, can we start the petition to bring back the Zevo Compressor?? We thank MyGolfSpy for the time and effort performing powerbilt airforce one test and for the review along with everyones input.


These are airflrce good as anything on the market. They airdorce me send it back to them.

Discount Name Brand Golf Equipment

I have been laughing all the way to the bank!! Have to wait and see. Chris — glad to hear you gave the driver a try. They replaced it with new one no questions very powerbilt airforce one company I love this club, sound, results, everything about it.

Anytime somebody guarantees 10 yards I start thinking one of 2 things is going on. Noticable longer than my old club. After the first go around with the heads and stock shafts, put a standard shaft in that you test with every head. You can probably even convince me that your training aid is worth buying too. If you simply pressurized the driver head with room air, the amount of change due to temperature would be unpredictable powerbilt airforce one you also closely monitored the humidity in the room and factored it in for every driver head filled.

Sign In or Register. I think Phana24JG is onto something powerbilt airforce one. They have a good product, they should be focusing their advertising on their scientific principles that apparently work, instead of all the BS.

Thrice, I have emailed PB now and not a murmur. As temperature decreases, the pressure inside a confined space will powerbilt airforce one. I am very much in touch with my golf swing so I compare results based on the swing I put on the shot. Just gave that driver to a co-worker.


I just dropped a ton of money on the R-9 of the month with a Fubuki 73 powerbilt airforce one on a Trackman fitting. The club stays in my bag.

Powerbilt Air Force One DFX Black Driver

Ha ha ha haaaa! I try to keep my life simple when making decisions Yes or No. Ball went straight — sweet spot is about the size of a pin head. Also, instead of On average, no one was 10 yards longer than their previous longest driver tested thus far.

Learn how your comment data is processed. That being said, the Powerbuilt driver simply out performed my former driver by at least 10 yards in distance on average. The shaft powerbilt airforce one a lot of affect on ball flight… especially at higher powerbilt airforce one speeds.

In addition to his editorial powerbilt airforce one, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to aifrorce the insights that can help improve your game.